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Court Approved Settlement Agreement Albuquerque

According to the request, the Albuquerque Police Officer`s Association, the sole intervener in the case, agrees with the discharge requested by the city. The court, however, appoints federal observers not taking a position on the city`s request. The DOJ and the monitoring team worked with the City and ODA on a « self-assessment plan » to determine the extent to which aPD has effectively complied with all reforms and the extent to which further monitoring is needed. CASA requires APD to apply and implement advertising practices that are legal and in line with good practice. Promotions must be based on the skills, knowledge and abilities of police officers to promote leadership responsibilities in substantive and substantive areas and take into account a public servant`s disciplinary history during promotions. The ODA has revised its support measures approved by the Federal Court of Justice. ODA is sticking to aid reforms over the past two years. The application is intended to bring LA CASA`s promotional requirements into lasting coherence. (page 20 of the movement) Mr.

Ginger`s reports show compliance with dozens of sections of the agreement, including those relating to the training and operation of tactical units, the provision of substantive crisis response training for foreign service personnel, and the implementation of a strategic recruitment plan to attract qualified candidates from « a large part of the Community ». In March, a 51-part plan was filed in the Federal Court, but hearings on the case were postponed several times due to the Covid-19 pandemic blocking orders. Like other parts of the agreement, psychiatric services requested that data on telephone calls to trained crisis response officers be collected and monitored and that information be forwarded to the federal monitor for examinations. In the 8th report, the federal monitor of the keller administration gave high marks regarding compliance with a transaction contract by the ODA. Anyone with information useful to the Department of Justice`s investigation into the use of force by aPD is asked to contact or by telephone at the ministry`s free number (855) 544-5134, available for both English and Spanish speakers. 10. Under the agreement, public servants who point their firearms at a person but do not shoot must complete a use of force report, which is verified by field supervisors. This audit is separate from a civilian police authority in the city, which will be independent of the department and will verify police response to violent incidents and civil complaints.

On August 31, 2018, the City of Albuquerque and independent monitor James Ginger submitted their second joint report on the independent monitor`s technical assistance to the city and the city`s efforts to implement their compliance plan in accordance with the implementation of their compliance plan requested by the Joint Stipulation Suspending CASA Paragraphe 308 (doc. 355). (doc. 365). The Status Report (doc. 398) is attached to the appendix. No « special master » appointed by the court, which took over the head of the ODA or its management. LEAD means law enforcement assisted diversion. The LEAD program allows ODA officers to determine whether the person who arrested them should go to jail or would benefit better from a trip to a rehab facility or a meeting with a case manager who could help them be cared for in services such as Medicaid, housing vouchers and addiction treatment.

ODA officers have the discretion to decide whether to arrest low-cost individuals or rely on the LeAD diversion program.

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