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Service Level Agreement Erpnext

Perform your service activity better with ERPNext. Know your leads and customers, set up subscription plans for your services, establish a relationship with regular customers with a loyalty program, manage and cancel multiple projects, set up maintenance plans and visits and much more. SLAs are output-based, their specific purpose is to define the schedule in which the customer receives the service. SLAs do not define how the service itself is provided or provided. As we improve our services to improve our customer experience, this support agreement is only indicative and subject to change. Create your own ERP software for services. Classify the data you care about by adding custom fields to your forms. Then adjust the behavior of the form by automatically retrieving values, obscuring fields based on user roles, and creating custom print formats, all without a single line of code. Normally, a service company encounters more problems than a product company. We understand this, which is why we have developed many functions to organize and manage incoming problems. With features such as « Appendix to, » issues are automatically created in ERPNext when customers send issues via email to a configured email address.

Rank issues based on leads, projects, or companies. Record quality with information such as minutes to first response and service level agreement. The coverage parameters specific to the services covered by this Agreement are as follows: effective support services should enable consistent service levels to be maintained. The following sections provide relevant information about service availability, performance tracking, and related components. I use issues in the support module for which I created the priority, service level, and service level agreement. To report a problem, users need to send an email to All of this is included in the hosting fee, which means you no longer have to pay to use these services. Simply choose the plan of your choice and start your journey with ERPNext Cloud in seconds! If it is an annual maintenance contract, regular maintenance visits are necessary to keep the service running at the end of the customer. Just save them with maintenance plans. With predefined periods, the calendar can be generated automatically. Track customer tickets and issues, maintain server levels, and track responses and solutions A service level agreement is an obligation between a service provider and a customer.

Running a service business has its own challenges – perhaps even more than running a product business. We offer accommodation and assistance services ourselves, so we are very familiar with some of the areas of pain in the service sector. ERPNext covers a large number of features that allow you to easily operate your service.

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