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9 octobre 2021
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10 octobre 2021

Subject Verb Agreement With Noun Of Amount

For example, she writes every day. Exception: If you use the singular « she », use plural forms. Example: the participant said he was satisfied with his work. They are currently in a leadership role within the organization. This rule can lead to bumps in the road. For example, if I am one of the two subjects (or more), it could lead to this strange sentence: 3. How the verb corresponds to the noun depends on the regularity or irregularity of the verb. The compliance conventions for regular verbs and the compliance conventions for irregular verbs are different. If the majority/minority means a certain percentage, you can use either a singular or a plural: examples: my aunt or uncle arrives today by train. Neither Juan nor Carmen are available. Either Kiana or Casey help decorate the scene today.

The basic rule. However, for topics that introduce the idea of quantity, some additional ground rules are needed. Here are some that are useful for academic writing. They take plural posts when used as unspecified quantifiers (see Rule 1 above): However, the plural is used when the focus is on the individual in the group. It is much rarer. Anyone who uses a plural bural with a collective must be precise – and consistent too. This should not be done recklessly. Here`s the kind of erroneous sentence we often see and hear these days: in the example above, the plural abbreviation corresponds to the actors of the closest subjects. . . .

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