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13 avril 2021
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14 avril 2021

Unclos 1994 Implementation Agreement

In response to some of the difficulties associated with the provisions of the exploitation of the seabed in Part XI of the agreement, mentioned in particular by the industrialized countries, the Secretary-General convened in July 1990 a series of informal consultations which culminated on 28 July 1994 in the adoption of the Agreement on the Application of Part XI of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982. The agreement entered into force on July 28, 1996. [MYTHS] The problems identified by President Reagan in 1983 were not resolved by the 1994 DeepWater Mining Agreement24. Among other things, the 1994 agreement: these informal consultations took place between 1990 and 1994, during which fifteen meetings were convened. 2/ They can be easily divided into two phases. The first phase was devoted to identifying issues important to some states, taking the approach to addressing these problems and finding solutions. In the second phase, the results to date have been more accurate; Other points were raised during the review and participants drew attention to an audit of the consolidated texts that embody these solutions and the procedure by which they could be adopted. [MYTH]: The 1994 agreement does not even purport to amend the convention; it sets only interpretive control provisions21. The convention could only have been formally « amended » if it had already come into force. The 1994 agreement was negotiated separately to ensure that the agreement did not enter into force with Part XI in its defective state.

The 1994 agreement made explicit and legally binding changes to the Convention and has the same legal value as an amendment to the act itself22.ii) an interpretive agreement consisting of agreements of interpretation and application of the convention; In the first part of this phase, nine issues were identified as problematic during the consultations: costs for contracting states; The company Decision-making The review conference; Technology transfer Limiting production; Compensation funds; The financial terms of the contract Environmental. After reviewing the different approaches that could be followed in addressing these issues, there was general consensus on an approach that allowed participants to review all outstanding issues in order to resolve them and decide how to deal with issues that might not be resolved.

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