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Turbotax Agreement

This Agreement, including the additional terms below, is the entire agreement between you and Intuit regarding its subject matter and supersedes all prior agreements, notices and understandings, whether oral or written, regarding its subject matter. If a court of competent jurisdiction decides that any part of this Agreement is invalid, that section shall be deleted without affecting the remainder of the Agreement. The other conditions are valid and enforceable. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to this Agreement. You may not assign or transfer this Agreement to third parties without intuit`s written permission. Intuit may, however, without your consent, assign or transfer a successor by merger to a related business, b) to a business through a sale of assets by Intuit or (c) to a successor. Any assignment contrary to this section is cancelled. If you wish to request a transfer of this contract, please contact Intuit by email at the following address: Thank you for selecting the services offered by Intuit Consumer Group LLC and/or its subsidiaries and related companies (referred to as « Intuit », « we », « us » or « us »). Read these Terms of Use (« Agreement ») carefully. This agreement is a favorable agreement between you and Intuit.

By clicking « I agree », specifying the acceptance electronically or installing, accessing or using the Services, you agree to this Agreement. If you do not agree to this agreement, you may not use the Services. (ii) To qualify, you must successfully email your individual federal returns and all state income tax returns (with a federally paid or qualifying return) with TurboTax, or print and email it. Claims must be filed with Intuit within sixty (sixty) days of the date you received your review instruction, but no later than June 15, three years after the current tax filing season, by filing an application containing the following documents (1) copy of your TurboTax proof of payment and (2) IRS or State Letter. Send it to TurboTax Audit Support Guarantee, 2800 E Commerce Center Place, Tucson, AZ 85726-8867. The latest available information is available under Please use a traceable shipping method and provide copies of the deposited items for your documents. Claims for non-payment require a photocopy of the justification of all necessary items. Please allow up to 6 weeks for processing and delivery. If you have not received your cheque after 8 weeks, please contact us. To validate your rights and as a condition of payment of the refund, Intuit may request your TurboTax data file for the fiscal year and/or other supporting information, such as copies of your printed tax returns.

All materials transmitted to Intuit are considered unusable. (a) Use of these services may be available through an Internet-enabled mobile device and may require software. You agree to be solely responsible for these requirements, including all applicable changes, updates and fees (including message and data rates), as well as the terms of your agreement with your mobile device and telecommunications carrier. We reserve the right to change this Agreement at any time, at our discretion, and changes take effect when posted through the Services or on our website for the Services or if we notify you otherwise. We may also modify or discontinue the Services in whole or in part. It is important that you check this agreement if we change it, as your continued use of the Services indicates your agreement to the changes. I. Third Party Contractual Terms: When using the Services, you must comply with all applicable third party contractual terms, for example.B. If you use a VoIP application, you must not violate the Wireless Data Services Agreement when using the Services.

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